Denver Green Buildings Ordinance

On October 29, 2018, the Denver City Council unanimously approved a revised Denver Green Buildings Ordinance and the Ordinance took effect on November 2, 2018. The rules and recommendations have been forwarded to the Board of Public Health & Environment. After public comments are received, the board is expected to vote on adopting the rules and regulations for the ordinance at their April 11th meeting.  This new Green Buildings Ordinance sets standards for the installation of a cool roof with options for green roof or space, solar panels, certification, or undertaking an Energy Program on all new buildings, additions to an existing building, or the replacement of an existing roof 25,000 square feet or more of gross floor area. The criteria specified in the Green Buildings Ordinance for roof replacements on existing buildings are:

For all buildings over 25,000 square feet.

Roof Replacement: Cool Roof Required Plus One of the Following:

Green Roof/Green Space:  Install a green roof or green space anywhere on site covering an area in one of the following amounts, whichever is least: (1) 2% of the gross floor area of the building, (2) 18% of the total roof area, or (3) the available roof space on the total roof area.

On-Site Solar Panels: Install on-site solar panels on building or zone lot and covering an area in the least of the following: (1) 5% of the of the gross floor area of the building, (2) 42% of the total roof area, or (3) an area equal to an amount required to provide 100% of estimated annual average electricity used.

Certification: Demonstrate current LEED Silver Certification (BD+C or O&M) or Enterprise Green Communities certification or equivalent.

Energy Program: Enroll in a flexible energy program to achieve similar greenhouse gas emission reductions as the on-site solar option. Comply with one of many pathways in the Energy Program within 5 years

Advantages of Green Roofs and Solar Panels

Green Roofs and photovoltaic solar panels can often complement each other. The green roof can cool the surrounding air around the solar panel, which increases the efficiency of the solar panel. The shading from the solar panels can cool and facilitate the growth of the extensive plants by minimizing the burning of the plants.

Scope of Services provided by ADA Compliance by Whiteley Consulting

~Interpretation of Denver Green Buildings Ordinance.

~Assist in completing the Green Building Declaration Form for Existing Buildings that is required to be submitted with the General Roof Permit.

~Green Roof evaluation and waterproofing detailing.

~Structural analysis of existing roof supporting system.

~ Incorporation of Solar Panels.

~ Maintenance Manuals  and Schedules.

~ Condition Appraisals and Material Testing.

~ Repair options and cost estimates.

~ Due Diligence Reports