National Park Preservation Briefs

The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties lists four treatment approaches:

~ Preservation places a high premium on the retention of all historic materials through conservation, maintenance, and repair.

~ Rehabilitation emphasizes the retention and repair of historic materials, but more latitude is provided for replacement of the materials.

~ Restoration focuses on the retention of materials from the most significant time in the building's history, while permitting the removal of materials from other periods.

~Reconstruction establishes limited opportunities to re-create a non-surviving building or site.

Scope of Services provided by ADA Compliance by Whiteley Consulting


~ Evaluating the Historic Character / Significance of the building or site.

~ Researching the historic background of the building or site.

~ Developing Historic Structure Assessment (HAS) Reports to document the physical condition of the building or site.

~ Develop proposed use of the restored building or site.

~ Developing Preservation and Maintenance Plans.

~ Maintain mandated code requirements.

~ Utilize representative National Park Preservation Briefs.


~Identifying and gathering data on a community's historic resources.

     * Due to the growing recognition, by citizens and governments at all levels, that such resources have value and should be retained as functional parts of modern life.

~ Planning and background research.

Undertake field survey, organization, evaluation, and presentation of survey data.

     * Assist in the completion of the Architectural Inventory Form.

~Organized compilation of information on those properties that are evaluated as significant.